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  • Since some of our puzzles are very difficult, it may help to take a break and start anew on the next day. As a registered user, your progress on any of the puzzles you have started will be stored whenever you're logged in. You will be able to resume your work at a time of your convenience from any computer on the internet.
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Thank You Gift

If you have purchased any of our books we would like to offer you as a free gift access to all 101 puzzles on this website. Please remember, however, that the book price does not cover this access and that full access is provided on an experimental basis as a free gift and is separate from the book purchase (see our Terms of Use). In order to gain the access,
  1. create an account (so that we can distinguish you from any other visitor)
  2. kindly send us a single photo showing both the bottom left corner of the very last page and the bottom right corner of the cover as shown on the below picture. You can easily take that picture using your smartphone, the whole process taking just a few moments. Smart phones offer an instant ability of forwarding images by e-mail.

After taking the picture, simply send it to and put "Gift Access, your_user_name" in the subject of the message. You will be notified within 24hrs about the granting of the access. Whatever the method of picture delivery, please make sure that both bar codes are readable when your image is viewed in full size (click on the image to see an example). Thank you for purchasing our book!